Prowling with farmpuma


The truth is herpes sucks and when I admit I got it I feel humiliated but I definitely am not skipping through a field of fucking flowers.

Or any other kind of flowers. Not even celibate ones.

USE CONDOMS, DIVORCEES. Old people catch things, too.

Yep, herpes is vile.  I was fifty and two years into a “committed” relationship when Ms. Massa aka Janass Lowass gifted me.  It seems she wasn’t all that committed, but in hindsight should have been.  And she best be praying I don’t get diagnosed with only months to live.  Yeah yeah, I talk the big bad talk.

Condoms ARE NOT ENOUGH.  On me the lesions are almost never on my penis, but in the general pubic area.  I have tried a condom with plastic wrap from waist to thigh, but have lost touch with that partner and don’t know if it was effective.  In my experience the lesions on women are usually internal, so a condom “should” be more effective, but probably less than 100%.  Hmm, condom boxer briefs?

On me the best treatment is keeping the lesions clean and dry.  Antibiotic ointment only prolonged the outbreak and made them hurt instead of mostly just itching.  Sadly there is still no generic for Valtrex which is nearly ten dollars per pill just to suppress the symptoms.  Damn I hate drug companies!